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Ah, i'm sorry Celine! >.< I did a quick headcount of those who had RSVP'd in the FB group and I forgot! D: Shame on me!! I am SUPER EXCITED to have you join us as Flea though! I'll see if I can't thrift a really ridiculous Flea Bra for Ayla to steal from you for the photo shoot!

We are definitely meeting up at 11am for Chrono Cross and 5pm for Chrono Trigger. Still haven't agreed upon a location for either though, ^^;

Looks like after or around 8pm we will have a Schala cosplayer available for photos, so we are going to have a mini Chrono Trigger shoot with her too, if anyone is up for an evening shoot. She is unable to come to the 5pm meet because of scheduling conflicts.

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