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Originally Posted by Arceus2072 View Post
Pretty much anytime, bro. ^^ also for Smash Bros, do assist trophies count? (I am a Shadow the Hedgehog cosplayer.)
i would be fine with that and the dbz time i am thinkign maybe friday i just need to egt a good time i willa sk a few photopraghers see what we can do

Originally Posted by WantAGuava View Post
Possible Kirby might make an appearance andeateveryone
i have a lerning disbalaity so Please Bare With Me

A-kon Cosplay List

Nick ( Left for dead 2 )
Luigi ( super mario Brothers
Kaito Tenjo ( yugioh zexal if i can get my wig fixed in time @_@ ) If not
Yusei Fudo ( yugioh 5ds )

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