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Originally Posted by Naiagu View Post
Hi hi! I plan on cosplaying Morgiana as well for Fanime this year, I am just waiting for my wig, wonderflex (to make the bracelets) and the pattern for her dress to come so I can start on her.

I am looking into how to do her make up, does anyone know if there are eyelashes that have a long lash on the outside like Morgiana's? I wanted to try that and add eyeliner to bring out her eyes more.
Most falsies will give that winged effect as long as you get ones that are longer on the outside than inside. Just use lashes with the lengthening effect and then winged eyeliner. These are my favorite lashes and you can see how the outer lashes are longer. They may be a bit too much for some people though. Here they are worn. I actually get compliments on these lashes all the time.

If you want a more natural look for her, something like this may be better, but remember that it's always safer to go over the top with eyelashes when it comes to cosplay makeup for female characters. (Especially since they won't show up too well in hallway shots)
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