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Attn japanese armor gurus

I'm looking to make Reifujin Shiori's battle outfit from Witchblade: Obakemono.

Is this a real armor style? I'd really like to make this, but If I have to fudge, I will. I've already checked and while he has some great info on lacing, I didn't see anything that looked very similar to this. It appears that the body parts of her armor are composed of a series of rectangular panels with strictly vertical lacing that alternate a long run of lacing with a short one, or even just a knot. All of the other ladies with her are shown wearing armor laced with that same pattern, but in this action shot it seems distinct from the traditional laced armor that her opponent is wearing.

does anyone have any thoughts about this? most of the sites I find in quite a few google searches want to sell me vintage armor, not show me how it's made

As an aside, any idea on how her knee cops are staying up? they look completely unsupported. I could probably rig something garter-like under the blousy pants, but I'm open to better ideas.
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