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Oh my god, tricot lame. I drove myself NUTS during my Myu Saturn refurbishing trying to find black tricot lame for her bows and glove bands, since the tissue lame I was using for both was fraying horribly on the glove bands. I ended up still using the tissue lame bows, since thankfully the fraying on them isn't a problem at all, and using metallic spandex for the new glove bands.

To this day I rant about tricot lame whenever it's brought up. XD If I ever came across black tricot lame though, I'd pick up quite a bit of it for the event of a future refurbishing. The anal-retentive side of me is actually starting to get tempted to rip out the silver skirt trim (again) and hand-sew a fresh batch on since at one point the ribbon portion of the trim tore. I have to continually pull the thing out once in a while and reassure myself the costume is still very sound structurally, since it was originally built in 2006 (refurbished from the ground up in 2008).

HareyuNanami, why not post a photo of what you're struggling with? I'm sure someone here with experience in Princess Serenity could help!
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