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I think a good place to start is just a basic, photo-friendly face. I pile it on for conventions (primer, two kinds of foundation, blush, contour, eyebrows) but you just need to remember that the camera washes you out so apply more to compensate for that. Also make sure that nothing you use has spf or sparkle as these can reflect flash and make you look ghostly (and also I found out that HD powders are not good--this video has a demonstration on why).

Then define the eye with some liner and mascara (I like black for both but I'm tan so it doesn't look harsh on me, you might want to go with a dark brown). As for shadow, I usually take my contour color and slap that in the socket of my eye and a light cream color and highlight my inner corners and my brow bone.

I'm not too familiar with the character (I've seen Ciel but I've never watched Kuroshitsuji) but contouring and eyeliner can drastically change your appearance. What I mentioned are just basics and are good stepping stones.
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