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My favorite con memories...
My first con was AnimeFest 2012, I was so nervous since I didn't have any friends with me and was just all over-whelmed by first con feels. A very lovely Lizzie and her Ciel (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) came up to me and invited me to join since I too was cosplaying from the same fandom. We managed to bring find a nice Grell to join us.
But, my favorite part of the con- We walked over to the mall and Lizzie taught us all how to waltz. While we waltzed in the middle of the mall, I heard some, what sounded like middle aged, women talking about how pretty our clothes were and how nice our dancing was-Even though me and Grell were quite clumsy at it.
My second pleasant con memory was at Izumicon 2012. It was maybe midnight, possibly earlier or even later. I was sitting outside cooling off and I ended up talking to a girl I had met earlier, by then we had both pretty much stripped out of our cosplays though. We talked with this nice couple for awhile and watched a drunk guy just be utterly adorable until a guy in this booming voice starts walking around saying he has a truly disturbing story, and that he bets most of us could only stand to listen for a few minutes. Of course, we went over and listened. We ended up spending the next few hours practically cuddling and listening to this guy tell morbidly funny, rather lewd stories and just laughing and having a great time.
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