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Originally Posted by Clockwork_Ducky View Post
Sweet! I finally found a workable tie for my 10th Doctor costume, and for only $14, instead of the $60 I've seen for the replicas. I'm doing the blue suit, so not all of the ties work with it, and I'm being a bit picky.

It isn't perfect, but its the first dark dark blue with random, but not too random, flower design in red. Ish. They're more pink, with some orange, but that is workable with some careful dye application.

I'm a bit giddy over this, I've been looking for a tie like this for months.
I totally understand. Why is it so hard to find a dark tie with the right red floral design on it? I found one on eBay that simply needed a little Sharpie to make the design completely red.
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