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White mesh contacts - with prescription?

I was thinking about getting some white mesh contacts ( for my Night Elf costume (http://effysrponwyrmrestaccord.files...ight-elf-1.jpg)

I hear seeing through them is a bit like seeing through fog, and I'm alright with that. However, I can't seem to find them with prescription.
I know some people would just order normal ones and be blind for the day, but that gives me such a headache (and besides, I go to watch nice costumes, it'd be little point if I couldn't see two feet in front of me. The fog will be enough).

Can you actually get them with prescription? I have -2.50 on each eye, so it's no crazy numbers or anything. Or if you can't, does wearing two pairs of contacts work? Like, the mesh ones with a pair of normal ones under/on top? It doesn't sound great, but if it's only for a day or two?
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