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Opinions on Lolita?

Hey guys,

I have been thinking about doing the hole lolita-lifestyle thing. I love lolita too much to just wear my dresses and wigs to cons. I know it isn't really accepted in American society, but I am going to try anyway.

But anyway, I was reading up on some lolita makeup tips, and came across a few blogs where people were dissing cosplayers who wear lolita to cons or else try to pull off the lolita lifestyle thing. Comments were made about how "cosplayers who think they know lolita are just annoying" and how we should "leave the lolita lifestyle to the real lolitas ". (I was going to link to the blogs but i really don't want to start a massive flame war).

My question is; how many peple agree that lolitais for everyone, and how many think it should be left to the people who dedicate their lives to it?

I know I opened up a controversial subject, but please try to remain cival and no flaming. Please.
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