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This pattern then with expanding the back panel wider in the should/arm area. Probably add a seam down the middle
Here's another one.

So a peplum is like the "skirt" bit at the waist.

I think I can get buckram locally actually.

Any idea where I can find jacket 80'd patterns. lol
Would this work? tegory=all_products&view=gallery&brand=Burda&categ ory=all_products&pageGoto=0&pageFormat=3|186|186&p ageCount=18&search=&return=yes

Also interesting quest but how do you think it closes at the front and it's smooth at the back? The black knot ties look like it's just for decoration.

Edit found 1 more option but it don't com in my size and the last time I enlarged a size 20 pattern it was a nightmare. I'm a size 22/24 in vogue/McCall/Buterwick

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