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First time wearing or buying contacts

Okay hi guys so I have NEVER worn contacts before in my life, nor have I bought them. But, for my next cosplay, Hikaru from MKR (reference here) I will need red contacts. I wouldn't normally wear contacts for a cosplay, but this wil be my first serious cosplay and i want to to be the best it can be.
I'm planning on buying these contacts because they seem to have the best reviews for bright red circle lenses, but I don't know exactly HOW I should buy lenses, if that makes sense.
I talked to my mom about it, since I am still kinda young and need permission for this kind of stuff. She said buying contacts from online isn't a good idea, not necessarily because they're bad quality and will blind you, but because everyone's eyes are different sizes and shapes, so if you don't buy contacts specially made for your eyes, it might be uncomfortable and/or damage your cornea.
Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?
Should I buy these contacts or buy them from an eye doctor? I know that buying them from an eye doctor can be like $50-$100 more, but I suppose it's worth it if it means you won't be damaging your eyesight.

NOTE: I will only be wearing these for 3 days at Otakon, probably not all day since they'd get uncomfortable after a few hours.

Also, any tips about buying/wearing contacts? Anything essential I should know? Any sellers I should stay away from? Etc.?
Thanks for any tips or advice in advance!
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