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Beginner Needs HEEEEELP

Okay. So I'm new to this whole Cosplay stuff.
My little sister dragged me to an Anime Converntion last year and I actually really enjoyed it.
This year I want to cosplay along with her.

However, the character I want to do has this funky hair and I can't even begin to imagen how I would go about this...
Y'all are gonna roll your eyes cuz it's super cheesy and basic but I really want to do a couple's cosplay with my BF.
And we want to be Pokemon Rangers.
I have to figure out how to style a wig to look like this girly's hair!!!
I haven't bought it yet, and am in the beginning process of figuring out the costume.
I want to know if the hair is do-able - by a low level n00b such as myself- before I even begin on the clothes!!!

I may or may not be on here again anytime soon, so if anyone really wants to help me I would love an email!

I would really appreciate any and all the help I can get!!!
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