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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Polyester? It's not 100% poly I can tell you that..100% poly has zero stretch, meaning it would stay one size and never hold itself up without elastic, which will look bad..Most things that have stretch that are poly are a cotton/poly blend, but I wasn't sure if that has an actual
If you made it the right measurements to you and put a zip in the back it would look really good! Its how my school skirt is made and I think that it would look really good! I look at the Sailor V costume as a uniform style like the girls casual uniforms. Especially Minako and Usagi's and I think making it out og that material with a zip would make it look a lot better than a stretchy skirt. Like look at this girls one. Like tat. The material she uses is bvery good. Like my skirt :')

btw it just said polyester on the label lol but yeah. Polyester or something like that look would be good. It wouldn't have to be dead accurate. It would only have to sit on your hips :-)
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