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My first convention was my best one, by far. It was a little con called AAC, Another Anime Convention, and it was held in a hotel that looked like a castle. srsly. At this little convention, there was...

A mattress in an elevator (we promptly had an 'orgy' by jumping on it as the elevator went up'
People in rollerblades (no idea how they navigated the halls)
A drunken Sasuke (who hit on me before he realized...things)
A giant mass of tangled up glowsticks (given as a prize for trying to untangle them)
An awesome Edward Elric (who was sort of my first kiss...?)
An attempt to eat ramen with coffee stirrers and ice tongs
Mochi mochi mochi mochi
Finding myself in a hentai room before I knew what the word meant (don't know how I got in at 15 years old)
DDR with Vincent and Inuyasha (Vincent pwned all)
Cute little Honey who was collecting autographs and giving flowers
Getting completely lost and finding Waldo

Among a hundred other things. Maybe I'll expand on some of these later, especially the elevator story and Ed.

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