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Originally Posted by emmisu View Post
Well, think about halloween. You can be a firefighter/cat/ninja/etc for a day. It's a costume. We're not only letting REAL sexy nurses be sexy nurses, we're not making it so only REAL clowns can be clowns. There's even nerd costumes, sports player costumes, etc.

It's a costume. A costume means masquerading as something you're not. That's the entire point. If you want to dress Lolita for a day, then do it. If instead, you want to dedicate your life or a few days a week to it, go for it!

If you're worried about being accepted, people will find something to judge no matter what you wear. If you're worried about the community shunning you?
Well they all had to start sometime, right? Being stuck up and elitist about they way they dress isn't going to help their group win friends and influence people to love and accept the lolita lifestyle in the mainstream.
Also, there are always two sides to any community: people who suck and people who are kind. Get involved with the kind ones.

Basically, don't let people tell you you don't belong. Nobody was born lolita, they all had to learn through practice. You are no different and they should expect nothing higher of you.
Sorry but I need to chime in on this post..No lolita is NOT a costume..It is a fashon style. It is meant to be worn as fashion, not only to cons and halloween. I really wish people would read more about the things they are talking about before they say things..EVERY site I have ever visited explaining lolita has specifically in BOLD CAPS said "IT'S NOT A COSTUME!!" So please do your research

I see pics on girls (and some guys) in Japan that wear this every day because they are still young and don't need to worry about what to wear to work yet.

But Lifestyle means in your life, you wear it a lot..Not every second of the day..It means you really like it and want to wear it out or just sitting at home..Wearing work clothes to work doesn't mean you can't say you're not a lifestyle lolita..Like, I can say I'm a lifestyle guitar player because I play every chance I get, but I can;t bring it to work right? That doesn't make it NOT my lifestyle..

Anyway, wear it. It doesn't matter if it's not normal here, that's what makes it BETTER. The normal is boring, go out and make people double take. It's fun..
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