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Originally Posted by MissLunatic View Post
I have to agree with Mehdia. It just works very well except for the scowling. Squalo isn’t the most masculine character ever anyway. xD

Hm and now you two got me thinking … I don’t use much makeup when I crossplay, but on the other hand… I feel unsure at times if I look feminine enough when I don’t crossplay… *sigh* Well, the most girlish sweet women aren’t my characters anyway… In other words: Everything’s got pros and cons.
Haha thanks I actually did another test that turned out quite well This andddd this
Its really amusing to try and make Squalo faces pfft mostofthemlookreallydumbtho

Its not such a big deal to not wear a lot of make up sometimes you dont really need and and other times it adds a bit more but im sure either way you look good ;D
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