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Originally Posted by Kimchikimchi View Post
I want to hug you! My main is a DK...and it's so awesome to see someone finally doing extreme justice to the starter set! I wish I had your skills in metal working. Definitely will have to keep an eye on your blog to see the progress. :3
After thinking a lot about that armor Asher was the first, I decided that no armor is better and more epic than this, even if blue rarity xD, Lich King expansion has been my favorite, and dk with Arthas was tops . Probably for this weekend helmet is finished.

I'll update the blog with it, and I'll get with the big shoulder pads, the whole world is on fire with starting with shoulder pads

Originally Posted by MedievalGirl View Post
Do I know you from the Armor Archive?
That's hard core and awesome.
I do not think I know, the armor archive I visited a couple of times, I have never registered there, or spoken.

Thanks for the words that I've spent
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