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I want to Crossplay...

So this will be my first attempt at crossplaying. I've been wanting to for a long time just haven't done it. I've been trying to pick a character that would be ok to do. I really love dream eater merry so I'm thinking of doing her and changing up the costume a touch like longer skirt.... Well I really love the striped socks if you guys have more character ideas with those socks thatd be cool.
Anyways in the next couple of weeks I plan on ordering some stuff with the costume n all. Should I pick a different character? Like with more of a shirt....

I'm going to animazement at the end of may. So I have about 3-4 months. I'm also planning on doing a regular cosplay of agito from airgear and getting that costume custom made. Mainly because the regular ones that stores sell online I don't like.

I have a friend that can help me with makeup. I think thatll be one of the toughest things Anyways this is a pic of me

Uploaded with

and this is the character I'm thinking of doing
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