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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
Her family donates a huge chunk of the money they make off the shows they're on to children's foundations, and Alana ('Honey boo boo') raised nearly 2k in donations for her own Christmas drive, as in she made this herself and collects money to donate through it. Herself.

But hey, they're a family of two fat women so it doesn't matter because they're fat. Because nothing a fat person does will ever make them anything other than fat and fat is clearly the worst thing someone can be.

For the record, I've never watch their program or the show 'Toddlers in Tiaras'. I don't even have cable TV. So I am not some hilarious rabid fan defending something I enjoy. I am just tired of hearing people using weight and presumed income level as an insult. Poor is not a fucking joke or an insult. Fat is not an insult or bad word or the worst trait someone can posses.
This, so much. It doesn't help that the show only pictures unflattering shots. Honestly, it's disgusting the way everyone treats them.
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