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I wondered where the link for that had came from hahaha

No, I got mine in the uniform shop haha. Anyway. It looks better than one with an elastic band cause the band distorts the skirt when worn by different people. Its why I never buy them ones for school. I hate them :'D

The one that girl has is like another skirt I have apart from its a circle skirt rather than being pleated but the top is the same. There isn't any elastic in the band of her skirt. The material isn't the stretchy kind and it wouldn't work. If you measure it to your waist and put a zip on it will be exact to you and it will look better. The band at the top just holds in the pleats. Its not part of the material the pleats are on its only sewn to it.

I don't really know how to explain it other than it would be better to do it with the zip rather than the elastic :')
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