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Quinn: I do think you pass, and you were correct in labeling him as a douche. Unless he pointed out anything specifically, chances are he just said that so he could get the part.
When people are aware that someone is female, or if you're looking at your own picture, the more feminine traits stand out. Small hands, small feet, eyebrow shape, the way you hold yourself, things like that. You're a fine crossplayer, and he's just an ass.

Akune: Link is a girly man, so I'd say you pass for him. If you want to do a more masculine character, I'd suggest not making your eyebrows so, what's the word... Shapey on the bottom. Pointy. Do a search for men's faces on Google and you'll notice that pretty much all of the guys' eyebrows are round on the bottom.
I don't know if I'm making any sense. Please tell me if I'm unclear.

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