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In my experience, you will encounter very few people in the real world who believe that lolita is only meant for "lifestyle lolitas". A lot of anonymous trolls like to try and rile people up by making claims like that, but the majority of lolitas do not believe that to be the case. Most of us work real jobs in order to pay our bills and to fund our fashion - jobs at which lolita is often not allowed. Sure, if you find a job where you're allowed to wear lolita...That's awesome, but the reality is that most people can't be dressed in lolita every minute of every day.

I personally wear lolita out shopping, to meetups, or to events, but never around the house. I have many pets and many chores to take care of when I am at home, so I am always chic in my pajamas and t-shirt when I'm home. :P

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