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Age: 18
Name: Desirae
Skin color: Ghost white
I cosplay: No one yet OTL
I plan on cosplaying: Prussia, Mafia!Italy, France, Denmark, Hungary (anyone notice a pattern here?)
My next cosplay I will be working on: Prussia, then a casual France, then Denmark
Do I crossplay: Yessir
State: Ohio
City: I'll just say the Ohio Valley.
Accounts on other websites: I only give out my facebook after we've chatted for a while.
Upcoming cons: Colossalcon! Maybe Tekkoshocon if I find some money
Actually, I already have a cosplay group called Very Soon Productions and we will be filming Hetalia-related movies and CMVs. Our first project is HetaOni, followed by Gutters. We're looking for more people to add to the mix, so if you're nearby and want something fun to do over the summer, let me know. All the details are explained on my dA.
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