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Originally Posted by ShuichiLove View Post
Did my first dress cosplay. Next one is going to have more skin showing and a shorter skirt. So I want the opinions and criticisms now. Basically posture, make up, and other bits to improve on.
Looks good to me but I don't know the character. No criticisms but you could try a little extra eyebrow shaping if you are willing to do that (but it's not vital or anything), and something I might be tempted to try playing with is using lip liner to fill out your bottom lip more?
Hey I see you're going to Acen, me too! Maybe I will see you there.

Originally Posted by Alice MacLeod View Post
Well the only picture I have here is this profile one. the outfit itself is not finished. I guess I could post my Lolita Aristocrat outfit I use for Steampunk events too I just added it here as well as the Gothic outfit.

Dunno if they are any good though
Those are cute, I don't know much about Aristrocrat though. The gothic/kuro outfit looks nice, although I might suggest sticking to flats instead of heels if you are taller.
I can't really see your profile pic very well though because my screen is really small.
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