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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
I feel no shame using the black separation crystal when I see Twinkletoes and his two buddies running at me without bowing, even after I do it first.
Nor should you. I feel no shame running for the boss door if I get invaded or suiciding near the bonfire if I'm carrying more souls and humanity than I want to lose. Since I'm never looking for a duel, if I get invaded I don't bow even if they do - I don't trust them to not take a shot at me while I'm bowing. And I have no qualms about using every dirty trick I know because every dirty trick I know, I know because an invader used it on me! XD On the other hand, I don't hang out alive in the Forest or the Kiln. If I'm alive, it's because I'm trying to summon and make progress in the game. If I get invaded, I deal. *shrug* If I get invaded when I have phantoms with me, then the invader has to deal. I'd be perfectly happy for them to use the black separation crystal.
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