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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Mmk, I found an AMAZING Sailor-V cosplay someone did on DA..
How see how her skirt is pleated, yet the waistband isn't? Can anyone explain how to do that? That's what I would like it to look like..I assume THAT is where I could have elastic and use a better fabric that has less stretch and looks all around way better lol

Also, screw it, I'll probably have someone make the top for me lol
I guess the best way to think about the waistband is that it is a rectangle that folds over the top edge, it seals in the raw edges which would be look bunched up if exposed, and it adds an extra inch or two to the width for buttons (our school uniform skirts were always made of a wool blend which is thick and not at all stretchy, and an elastic band would never work for that kind fabric). They do the exact same thing for jeans waistbands, though unless you have a patterned pair it can be hard to tell.

You can see how the pattern doesn't match up between the waistband and the body of the skirt.

Edit: It is very similar to how bias tape attaches, only thicker and without the hidden edge stitch.

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