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Well I wear Victorian clothing 24/7. It is my choice. I like it. This doesn't mean I will wear big hoop dresses on public transit but I will wear respectable neo Victorian Gothic most of the time. I grew up wearing what some call Lolita style. Nice dresses to the knees, tights, Mary Jane shoes. It is not a costume it is what it is. But I also wont get all narcissistic about how the look is and is not Lolita either. Nobody has the right to tell me what is correct and what is not. That is why I am mostly into steampunk and Victorian but Lolita is Victorian era based too. We all have our thing and anyone that takes it so seriously that they have to demeanor others just to say they are not correct in the style needs a life. I got enough of that behavior from the SCA which are often hypocrites when it comes to accuracy, yet make their stuff using modern tools. I spent 5 years as a living historian and even though it was a job I never made it my life. Lolita is just a style like any other style. You make it what it is. If you like wearing that who has the right to say you cant? or that its not proper?
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