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Jason - I've looked at might order some samples. I think I'm going to go to Joann's first though to see if they have any of the same fabric I'm looking for...or something similar.

I HAVE PROGRESS YAY!~ I originally wasn't going to sew today but my friend was like "Let's work on stuff and talk on Tinychat " so we did and I finished my skirt.

And I learned I'm an idiot. So I extended it because originally the skirt had been too small, by adding on the fabric I had originally set aside for boot covers and trimming it to the same length as the skirt. Then started going with the pleats. I tried it on every so often to make sure everything was fine. Wellllll turns out I had originally had enough skirt fabric and I basically ruined my boot cover fabric. AHAHHAHAH OH WELL! Live and learn I suppose...BUT my skirt is done, my vest is done, my shirt just needs bias around the collar and sleeves. Then the belt, breast plate thingy (waiting on materials to come in for that), buy leggings and get fabric/make boot covers. Also my wig is in town!!! I'll hopefully have it in the next few days!

In the meantime I have pictures of everything I have done!!

Click here for the pic!!!
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