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suggest 1 character 4 the person above you to cosplay

Uh.. yeah title says it all. Im a noob at threads but lets do this! Your only suggesting one character u think the person right above you should cosplay, not going back to a person that posted a long time ago or anything like dat. Ok so you should probably remember to post the name of the series or book or show or whatever the character is from. Uh... it might be a good idea to leave a pic of yourself for the next person that will post in case ur forum avatar isnt yourself. Um. I hope I explained this all right and hope this isnt too similar to the -who should i cosplay- thing but its just that some people dont ever get suggestions in that thread and others do. this thread would require anyone that posts to be given an idea :-) pretty simple right?
Ok well now im going to cross my fingers and hope ppl actually respond so I dont look like a complete idiot on's suggestion forum.
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