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Originally Posted by xiaohimecece View Post
I've been thinking about doing a female version of Lambo 10 years later for a while now, (for he his my favorite character <3)
There's not much reference to a fem Lambo,
so i was wondering if anyone had tips or opinions as to what i could do.

I've already put together much of the outfit
(plus minus a few items i still need to get)
the only problem is that it still feels a bit plain~

What i'm putting together so far:
1. Cow Print Button down Shirt
2. Suspenders
3. Black shorts with 2 columns of buttons on front.
4. Black otk socks
5. Black heeled boots.

Still need to get:
1.horns contacts
3. (if she lets me) friend's lighting ring.
4. Random bracelets

is there anything else one might suggest?
I remember posting this a long time ago in this thread. And I'd like to say that I finished this cosplay and this was the result!

I ended up changing it a bit a year later though.

Although it's a genderbend version, I personally liked wearing it.
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