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Originally Posted by Alice MacLeod View Post
I am a transgender MtF and cosplay is the only way I feel safe in society at the moment. Without it I would go insane. I learned at my first con this year people didn't treat me differently like they do in society. I was like everyone else a part of a big family and it felt really weird. I am not use to that. In fact I had comments about my alice cosume which kinda scared me lol I was not expecting that one bit. I came from a family of heavy abuse so I am not use to people being nice at all actually.
I know how you feel! I´m a transgender myself as well, but the other way around. Cons are the place where I feel that I can be who I am and want to be, without being judged for something that I am not. Like many do outside cons, at least I feel it´s like that. I´m so glad that many people at cons are really open to HBT persons (I know several who is themselves) even if there is always gonna be haters, but just ignore them. By the way, my closest friends are congoers as well (or I met them at cons for the first time) so I really love how nice and warm people are at cons. I was surprised myself after seeing how happy and open minded many of these people are! I started to open up my real self at cons thanks to the wonderful friends I´ve gotten.

I hope you get treated the way you want at cons and enjoy yourself in cosplay (yes, I see it as cosplay if you´re mentally the gender that you´re cosplaying, I view it that way. I don´t see myself crossplaying when I pull off guys since I´m a FtM).

If you have further questions or just want to chat with someone, need help or just want share your thoughts about something, throw me a PM and I´ll be there.

Take care and be safe!

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