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Originally Posted by ecuadorianeyezz View Post
Any suggestions for the articles of clothing for a Rainbow Dash cosplay?

I'm thinking jean shorts, rainbow socks....not too sure what to do with my top....
O_o I'd think just the goggles, I mean she doesnt actually wear clothes (unless you count her gala/wedding dresses) I'm only going with a vest/armband/boots because I'm doing her Winter Wrapup outfit since I've NEVER seen it done before...

Originally Posted by Ilafatyu View Post
On another note, what's the opinion on digitigrade legs (not unguligrade because that's just ridiculousness) for an MLP cosplay?
Personal opinion: if you want to pad the legs to look digi, then that's great, but if you plan to use actual digi stilts (which add 6-24" to your height depending on the build) then unless your rediculously short it looks really stupid (after all these are PONIES aka miniature horses)

Likewise, if your short and want to modify some stilettos to be hooves, that's great too, just keep in mind your height, it looks wierd to see a short character towering over everyone......


I asked this in a thread below but maybe more ppl will see it here... opinions on cartoony pegasus wings (shaped just like the show) vs feathered "angel" wings?
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