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Originally Posted by Myribee View Post
Our cons here in Houston have been making sure lately that the con dates don't override other big events after AM had a stumble with the rodeo a few years back, if I recall correctly.

And I'd love to go to Ikkicon one day, and A-kon especially. But, the hotel prices are a little out of my range.
Preach on, sista..that new A-kon hotel is craaaaazy expensive. We were planning on going all 3 days, now we're prolly just gonna show up to compete in the contest on Saturday and head out. Anime Matsuri is looking like it'll be freaking awesome this year. Marvel Cosplay Contest on Friday, group Marvel photo shoot on Saturday, Cosplay contest on Saturday, World Cosplay Championships on Sunday..ho-lee-cow. It's gonna be a busy weekend.
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