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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
Tomorrow I'm going back to school for the second half of the day (I've been out of school all week). I'm really nervous, the more I think about it. Everyone except for two people think I've been out sick with the flu. My mom talked with the doctor a lot, and I think she's a little more understanding about my situation right now. The doctor and her said that if people ask, I shouldn't be ashamed to tell them the truth. I still don't know, though. I figure if my friends ask, I'll tell them the truth.
Think of it this way - if you'd been home because of projectile vomiting, you wouldn't feel ashamed, but you also wouldn't necessairly feel the need to share all the details. Your medical situation is your own business and you have every right to be private about it and share only as much as you are comfortable with. You can tell people that you were home with bad headaches and stomach pains which is the truth. Depression, stress and anxiety can cause physical symptoms.

I'm glad that you are getting treatment and that your mom is being more understanding. Best of luck to you.
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