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You know, for whatever reason, I didn't see this page yesterday It just didn't exist. Weird.

Houston: See, it's actually a small possibility. My family isn't happy here, really. While it's a nice enough town, it's small and despite my dad wanting to have a job, no one will hire him. While he doesn't "need" one, he'd like to have one. So he's been looking into getting a job in one of the major cities, like Houston, Dallas, etc. I'd like it too, because I could possibly find a better job myself or at least make more money with what I do.

Water: I live in CenTex, so water for me is a lake that's usually dried up half the time. I used to live on an Island. I miss water.

A-kon: The prices are insane, and I can't even book a room because they want 1 night paid at booking. I'm going, somehow, but not sure how to work out the money issues. It's even harder for me to pay for it all because I pay for the entire room myself, I don't share/split the cost.
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