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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Still genuinely upset that my best medic and second best soldier in the game died in XCOM.

I've been naming all of the soldiers after my friends as well so there came the awkward moment when I had to tell my flatmate that she was beaten to death by a giant alien.

I've actually decided to delete that run, I can't go on without her. It's like if halfway though Mass Effect 3 you fucked up and got Garrus killed and you could never get him back. It would be heartbreaking!

My friend did a run of X-Com where he made me 3 times and I died all 3 times. Which is bullcrap because I was brought in early where his tech/weapons/etc were all level bullshit. My wife and several friends were brought in when he was level awesome and OWNED. Salt in the wound.
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