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I'm losing weight for next years' cosplays!
I'd like to do my Setsugetsuka Kaito again, and I'd like to add in Shanoa.

My plans on how to tackle this:

  • My school has a gym, so I'll be going 6-7 times a week, like I used too!
  • Eating less snack and junk food, and actually drinking more water.
  • I shouldn't start counting calories, but I might actually way myself less often so I don't let it go to my head.
  • So for working out 6-7 times a week, I'll be doing fat blaster exercises, and also ab exercises. I'd like to look good in the Shanoa cosplay especially.
  • I'll get my boyfriend to workout with me, since he says he wants to tone up anyway.
  • More protien!
  • Less carbs!
  • Actually eating and not restricting foods.
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