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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
For me any game I like, no matter how much, isn't going to be much more than a memory in a few months time (and I'll probably lose my save when my computer's drive next dies anyway unless it's backed up on a cloud server or something). I don't get any sense of achievement from completing super duper hard modes and the like (or from farming achievements).
I archive all my saves and used to complete games 100%, I still archive my games, but don't 100% everything now... I just go for the playthrough that brings the most achievements. It's frustrating playing on hardest, but elating when succeeding.

Although, in retrospect, I often think "I could have moved on to another title much more quickly if I hadn't bothered with this nerd cred thing".

I remember games I played, but the farther it is in time --- the less I recall the details, usually the game boiling down to a nostalgic list of memorable story/gameplay events that happens to ignore what wasn't so great about it.
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