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Originally Posted by HardcoreNamine View Post
I'm actually really excited for Oni-Con. It'll be my first proper anime convention, so I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I heard a lot of people say it's lovely. Ditto on the costs, though. I'll be driving up there all three days, so gas is not going to be cheap.
Oni Con is wonderful. It's the con I've attended the longest in the Houston area. Although they seem to be in a habit of getting schedules up late, they always have amazing panels, events, and the people are lovely. I honestly haven't had a single complaint except for '10 when some of their con staff was...Well, extremely rude.

However, the last two years I've had nothing but nice people, a friendly atmosphere, and some amazing stuff in the dealer's room. Getting a regular priced $150 Kaworu figurine in there for $65 was quite the steal. And a good quality.
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