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Ah, good point. I might leave some of the blood patches on the "fresh" side, but the idea to darken up most of them is a very good one. I'd assume mixing fabric paint is much like mixing acrylic, but I'll double check with a friend of mine who's a seamstress before I do anything crazy. I wouldn't have thought of the splatter painting idea at all, but now that I reflect back on his battle it's a good idea because in most of the shots it does look like that blood should be splattered on there a little more. I'm pretty sure part of the reason I didn't do it back in 2006 (if I ever wanted to) is because I was adding the battle damage the night before the convention and I was at my mother's condo (she has white carpet and walls, the risk of staining something, even with newspaper laid down was HIGH). I'm home this time around so I can lay out all the newspaper I want on the kitchen floor get my dad out of the way for a bit and have at her. Your reminder is greatly appreciated though because I'd have pranced on with out it otherwise.
Heh, the shoes I lucked out on. There's a little oriental gift shop near my university. They sell those by the dozen. If a pair wears out I can just go back and pick up a new set.
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