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Hm..just to list some in a fairly random order:

-First convention, getting asked by a ton of people for pictures and to 'fight' them as Roxas even though it was painfully obvious I was a newbie
-Filming a cheesy slow-motion-run scene for two people who later became my best convention friends for a while
-Having my own mini birthday party at Seishun Con has become somewhat of a really cool tradition for me, since it's always in my birth month and I have amazing friends.
-Meeting my cosplay idols at AWA 2011, and getting to act in character and have a hug with one of them XD
-Getting hugged by whom I only dubbed male!Grell before I knew his name; a really awesome male Grell cosplayer who is always perfectly in character and who I always looked up to ^D^
-Going to a mall nearby after a convention and seeing a little kid call our Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) "Michael Jackson!!" Keep in mind, this was shortly after he died. We were just going..oh no poor kid will be so confused. xD

And Atlanta Anime Day Spring and Fall last year were my two favorite cons to date, just some memories from them;
-Finding an Alois I met in the maid cafe crying later afterwards and sitting with her to make sure she feels better; then getting told later during the photoshoot we had "Thank you So much, I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't stayed with me." It was probably the most touching thing to happen at a convention so far since it was so random and honest, cheesy as it sounds.
-After the above, learning Kpop dances with the same Alois.
-Hanging out at Waffle House and randomly becoming the social butterfly of the group, meeting an awesome photog in the process
-Literally getting hugged by a train of people as soon as I walked in the door.
-Getting called cute for the first time at a con was really flattering
-Being there to witness the largest hamburger ordered at the Waffle House near the con center, omfg.
-Having a newer cosplayer who looked really frightened and disoriented just spot me, walk up to me, and tell me I was a really good cosplayer just made me implode with happiness; it wasn't even a cosplay I really planned out but to be recognized by a newer girl made me so happy. I regret that I was desperately looking for a friend and couldn't talk to her more.
-Getting to hang out in the Maid Cafe once it was over and play Werewolf with some gorgeous (and, as I learned afterwards, well known) cosplayers and photogs at AAD was the best memories of that con, man.
-EVERYONE at AAD has a been a good memory. Seriously, those cons are the best, I don't want them to ever change~

There aren't any moments that have stood out to me as being the awesome moments of a convention, BUT those are some really general ones. Maybe there'll be more specifics in the future xD
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