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Alright so since OP hasn't updated in a while I took it upon myself to make a spreadsheet of the various meetup times/places. (The second page is a little messed up but it is still legible)


A few things to note:
  • The only shoots currently on the list are the ones that had the DAY, TIME, LOCATION,and LINK listed in their post. When you figure that all out, make a new post and I'll add it to the list.
  • IF YOUR MEETUPS NAME IS HIGHLIGHTED IN RED YOU ARE CURRENTLY CONFLICTING WITH ANOTHER GROUPS SHOOT! These things are usually first come, first serve and I went by post time, so whoever claimed the spot second will be the one in red. If this is the case I recommend trying to find a new spot/time, or talking to the leader of the shoot you conflict with. I make the list, I don't enforce it.
  • (MaM) means meet at the listed location and move to another, pretty self explanatory
  • While the list has half hour increments I would recommend trying to space your shoot a full hour from any other groups in that location, but hey do what you feel.
  • If I missed anything/screwed anything up feel free to yell at me in a PM. Knowing me, I probably did.
UPDATED: 1/22/2013

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