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Love the wind in my hair
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I plan on cosplaying Yosuke Hanamura's winter casual, and Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 (is best Persona.)

I discovered the Persona series by accident in Nov. 2012 when using a picture of Yosuke Hanamura for a character that I play elsewhere. After a bit, I wondered who that picture was, googled it. ....and it snowballed downhill from there. I'm in love with the animated series, and have seen the entire thing (I couldn't wait for them to dub it in English, so I found it subbed. OMG, I was in tears at the --you know what-- part.) Need more Persona 4!

Yosuke's my favorite character, so, I just finished his winter casual outift.

Cosplay construction notes: I had the army-green pants and brown boots (Roxy) already from the previous year (I'm a bicycle commuter, so I wear skinny jeans tucked into boots to keep the hem of my pants from snagging on the chain), the headphones are a pair of my old crappy Colby's that I painted (I wear headphones all the time anyway because people on the bus annoy me, and there's nothing like the wind in your hair while riding with tunes in your ears. I need to escape the world, too.), added a collar to an orange exorcise shirt (again, cyclist), and made the jacket by altering an old white windbreaker. I hand stitched EVERYTHING because someone didn't get me a sewing machine for Christmas. *Eyes parents.* I added the stripes, cuffs on the sleeves, and the fur. The fur was the painful part only because it's old fur. Found and old collar from a vintage 2nd had store. I settled on old real fur because sweat+faux fur = rash and general nasty itches.

I now have a sweet, comfortable jacket that I can wear year round --unless it's 105 again this year. >.<

I also plan on cosplaying Chie since I have the legs for it. Both of these will be worn an AX2013 in L.A. (And I may resurrect my Rainbow Dash cosplay simply for the 3 foot wings. (That was a whole different ball of headaches to create in 2011.)

The only thing I can't find, and have no idea how to make is the shoulder patch for the jacket. Does anyone have any ideas, please?
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