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Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
@Squeaker, isn't that because...well there are less people there anyways

@Hardcore, if you aren't already in it, there is a Houston meetup group.

Also to both of you new guys, we also have a website for Texas cosplayers you should join and invite your friends to.
Bookmarked! Will check it out later on. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Myribee View Post
I'm from Houston and fairly new to cosplaying! I've just built an Anti-Spiral Nia and Aisaka Taiga cosplay, so I'm looking to find some groups myself.
Otaku Bento and Houston cosplay meetup works together once and a while. Try join my group:
We are active irl and online

Originally Posted by Myribee View Post
Our cons here in Houston have been making sure lately that the con dates don't override other big events after AM had a stumble with the rodeo a few years back, if I recall correctly.

And I'd love to go to Ikkicon one day, and A-kon especially. But, the hotel prices are a little out of my range.
AM only overlap with rodeo that one time because from what I was told, they wanted the guest to experience houston other than just what the con has to offer in hopes that some of the guest would return on their own instead of having to have a convention ask them to come and what not.
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Otaku Bento (Houston, TX base group)

Current cosplay plans:
* Black rabbit from Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo - 100%
* Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon - 0%
* Meredy from Tales of Eternia/Destiny 2
* Luigi from Luigi's Mansion - 100%
* Sakura(Beginning of movie 2) from Cardcaptor sakura

Upcoming conventions:
* Katsuon 2014 (Feb 2014)
* Anime Matsuri (March 2014, Houston, TX)
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