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Boot suggestions for Toon Link cosplay

Who would have thought the hardest part of a Toon Link cosplay would be the boots? Unfortunately, I have some huge hulkin' calves (about 19 inches around), so finding boots is not very easy.

I know Toon Link's boots are as simple appearance-wise as boots can be, but I'd like to ask if anyone has any suggestions for sites or brands that would offer wide calf boots that aren't tremendously expensive. I'm thinking that, if I can't find some rust-colored boots, I might try for the chocolate-brown Ugg boots (or a cheap knockoff). I can't believe how hard it is to find a plain, flat, brown boot with no laces!

I've heard equestrian/riding boots can work for wider calves. I don't mind if the boots are fake leather or suede - I'm going for appearance more than quality. I've tried looking on, Torrid, Jessica London, Amazon, OneStopPlus, eBay, WideWidths, and Woman Within. I'm also currently fighting with someone on eBay for some boots I think will work great, but in the event I don't win, I want to try and find boots from a more dependable source.

Any suggestions for sources for wide-calf boots? I also don't mind it the boots are men's or women's, so long as the boots don't have much of a heel and come up about 12".
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