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My friends and I always do a food run before conventions and we bring a lot of snacks and bottled water along to ensure that we all have something to eat just in case our roommates come back late, forget to get real food, or are short on cash. We buy stuff that is only for ourselves, and then stuff we share with the whole room, like bagels, pop tarts, ramen, oranges, etc.

I do my best to always eat at conventions, although I did have a few slip ups early on in my con-going career when I was young and stupid,and I dont ever wanna feel that crappy while I'm trying to have fun ever again. xD Now, I make sure to drink a lot of water and carry snacks in my purse if I know I wont be going back to the hotel for a long time. I also make sure to eat a nice filling dinner at the end of the day. xD

Its really not worth it to skip meals just to see that one panel if you end up feeling like crap or even passing out later. People, take advantage of complimentary breakfasts at your hotels, even if you have to get up earlier than you'd like! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, ya know.

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