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Originally Posted by FFFlay View Post
Hi Guys! This is my first post on the forums, so please let me know if I've broken any rules.

I've decided that I'd like to try to cosplay the DmC reboot version of Dante, since it turns out that my face and hair are uncannily similar to his,
We'll try not to hold that against you... Just kidding! Most of us are old-school series fans (hence most of the discussion being about classic Dante), so we were duly horrified when they rebooted it and changed the character. But of course you're welcome to cosplay whichever version you like, and we'll do our best to help out.

I've done a few much simpler cosplays in the past, but nothing nearly this complex, so I'm not really sure where to get started. The jacket is the most difficult part, but the closest pattern I've been able to find is the Simplicity Matrix jacket. Does anyone have any advice for a beginner?
I've used the Simplicity Matrix pattern for a couple of things (though it's been a long time). From what I remember, that pattern is actually built more like a tuxedo jacket than an overcoat. It has princess seams in the back and a seam where the skirt attaches at the waist, so it ends up with a very tailored silhouette and an A-line skirt. It would be a LOT of work to modify that into reboot!Dante's coat.

What you're probably looking for is a basic four-panel coat without much tailoring. Looking at the way the coat hangs, it doesn't have much built-in shape; there's a tiny bit of flare at the bottom, but there's really no fitting at the waist, so the side seams should run pretty straight along the body. Most of the detailing on the coat can be purely cosmetic -- seams added to create the appropriate lines (like the ones down the front) that aren't structural.

I'd suggest going to the local fabric store and looking through the pattern books for single-breasted overcoats, or even look at women's fashion jackets (more variety than the men's section). Find a pattern that doesn't intimidate you (i.e., NOT made by Vogue) and then adjust length/lapels/details accordingly.

Maybe something like one of these...?
pattern 1 (minus pockets and skirt length)
pattern 2 (the middle one -- minus pockets, plus skirt flare)
pattern 3 (far left -- minus bust darts, plus lapels. This is a really easy pattern to mod; I use it for all kinds of things.)

Reboot!Dante's coat also has a hood (built into the lapels... who designed this silly thing?), which you're probably going to have to borrow from another pattern or draft yourself (hoods are pretty easy to figure out).

Good luck! ^_^
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