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Originally Posted by xKurotalia View Post
I'm from LA o: I just came back from ALA and I'm planning to go to AX '13 u3u
Sweet, I went to ALA too. I wonder if we ever ran into each other.

Originally Posted by W7Nights View Post
Hah! Compared to most of you I'm WAY Southern Cali. Chula Vista, a few minutes drive to the border. I primarily do Tales of series, Devil May Cry, and some Final Fantasy cosplays. PM me anytime, I'm up for making some new cosplay friends.
Cool, a Tales of cosplayer. :3 So far the only Tales of character I've cosplayed as is a Katz. I have plans to cosplay Fem Hubert Ozwell from Graces F for AX this year, and I was just suggested I do the Turtlez too. I really like the idea of cosplaying as side characters since no one ever thinks of them. :3
AX 2015 Cosplay Plans
Mangle (FNAF2) - 0%
Allen Walker 3rd uniform (D. Gray-Man) - 10%
Barbra Belcher (fem Bob from Bobs Burgers) - 0%
Dr. Francis Stein (fem Stein from Soul Eater) -100%

2015 Cons: Califur, Anime Expo, Anime California, Bent Con (maybe), Nuke the Fridge Con.

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