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Should I order from fm-Anime?

Hai guys!

Mkays, so after killing myself looking for a good/decent wig to cosplay as Hungary (from Hetalia) I found this gorgeous wig from FM-Anime. It's the right color, style, and most importantly it's the perfect price; considering the length; soo jack pot :P (...I think?)!

This is her:

And this the wig:

I looked into the FM-Anime Review thread and i've read that some people who ordered wigs from there and got exactly what was in the photo; even though I also saw some people who ordered from there got... ripped off (mostly regarding the costumes but i'm not ordering one). So, mixed reviews but nonetheless they look legit to order from; so should I go ahead?

I also looked into Arda and they had 2 wigs that I could use, but not necessarily the color I need.
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